Get Your Daily Stress Reduction Bundle! 
And Beat Stress The Feel Good Way 
($450 value) For only $165, including a chance for a no-cost Stress Reduction Strategy Call!

  Here's what's included in the Daily Stress Reduction Bundle:  

  • Lessons on how to build nurturing self love habits to beat stress, for everyday relief 
  • Workbook for creating and implementing your daily bliss practices, in manageable bite-sized chunks of time 
  • EFT Tapping Course to manage and process your emotions in a compassionate and grounding way, that enhances your clarity
  • Breathwork instructional videos for restoring calm on challenging days, using one of the tools you always have available 
  • Hypnosis recording to help you achieve deep restful sleep after long, demanding days, featuring powerfully relaxing binaural beats 
  • Hypnosis recording to help you build healthy eating & exercise habits, using the natural learning state of the subconscious mind 
  • Relaxing restorative yoga session to balance your nervous system, reduce cortisol levels in your body and clear your mind, all in less than 20 minutes
  • Option to add a hypnosis rewiring session to your bundle at a significant savings, to help you transform your relationship to the usual stress of the winter holiday season. Over 30% off.


  • A 30-minute Stress Reduction Strategy Call ($200 value)- We'll use this time together to get clear about how you want to feel and show up this holiday season, and identify solutions for your biggest stress culprits.

NOTE: There are only 8 spots available for the complimentary Stress Reduction Strategy Calls- first come will be first served.

Hi, I’m Linda Sanderville.

…the Liberated Self Love Coach. 

 I help busy, hyper-achieving women finally put themselves first and create lives that reflect self love bliss, every-single-day.

Look- I know that the winter months can be extremely hard!
As a holistic mental health provider, I am flooded with clients coming into my private practice every year to confirm this fact.

Let me help you feel a lot more in control of your mind and your mood going into this busy, and often emotional, holiday season!

What you'll get inside the bundle:

Lifetime Access and Updates: We are giving you lifetime access to the course content and any future updates or additions! You can revisit and benefit from the material as needed, especially during these dark winter months and busy holidays. 

Engaging Teaching Videos: Learn how to create a holistic self-love routine to protect against the effects of stress. Include these habits seamlessly into your daily routines, for a more positive mindset.

Transformative Hypnosis Tracks: Tap into the power of your subconscious mind to release worry and an over-active mind, for better sleep. And use the natural learning state of the subconscious to encourage healthy eating and exercise.

Relaxing Yoga Session to Unwind: Watch and move along as often as desired, to calm your body and mind for end of the day relaxation.

Breathwork Tools: Learn how to use the tool that you always have available! Release pent up stress and refocus your thoughts, instantly.

Workbook and Journaling Prompts: Includes printable and fillable electronic worksheets and journaling prompts for daily reflection.

Daily Bliss Bundle Pricing
(Free Call Limited to first the 8 students who enroll)

Frequently Asked Questions

As a busy mom of two little guys with a community and businesses that I am very active in- I get it! None of the instructional videos is over ten minutes long, and the hypnosis recordings are relaxing and only long enough to reach the desired goal. The whole course can be consumed in an hour, and includes reusable content that you can come back to over and over again. 

Yes! Purchasing the course today locks in your low rate before prices go up next month. And you will have full, unrestricted access from the date of purchase,

Great question! Some research suggests that a moderate minority of people are not hypnotizable- potentially around 25%. This means most people can be, but you won’t know for sure if you haven’t tried it. Keeping this in mind, you might decide that you will benefit so much from the other aspects of the course that is worth the investment for you regardless.

Hypnosis tracks also function as a very calming guided meditation, so you are likely to still receive a significant relaxation effect, should you end up being in that minority. 

Due to the nature of this digital course content, there are no refunds after purchase. I can promise you that what you see described above is exactly what you will receive.