Helping Burnt-Out, Maxed-Out Women to Redesign a Liberated Lifestyle from the Ground Up, So You Can Feel Like a Queen Again

It’s not easy to manage the amount of stress faced by incredible, and  sought after, women like you. 

Juggling multiple responsibilities means trying to solve everyone else's problems, and still somehow squeeze in time to get your own life together, on a near-daily basis! 

And when you feel pressured to fill all the roles in your life perfectly, you actually just end up as:

the wife too exhausted for sex

the mother struggling to enjoy her children

the daughter who feels unable to say "no" or set boundaries

the friend who neglects herself in order to be present (or just doesn’t show up because she’s overwhelmed)

the talented but burnt out professional who isn’t advancing in their career the way that they should

and on,
 and on,
 and on.

When you are giving so much of yourself away to others, the stress and lack of personal time can take a toll on your well-being, leaving you feeling drained and disconnected from your own needs.

Not to mention it just gets easier to isolate and let your relationships wither, even though you know you need community.

The thing is, you know you need and deserve to live a life filled with balance, inner peace, and self-compassion.

 Neglecting your self-care leads to burnout, inexplainable health problems and an inability to be your best self for those you love.

Don't continue to let the weight of too many demands prevent you from prioritizing your own needs and life's dreams!

Our Services

The Love Yourself Liberated! brand was formulated to act as your new, powerful secret weapon for reclaiming your time, energy and relationships. Our programs are designed to meet your unique needs and redesign your lifestyle to protect you from the steady creep of burnout .

private love yourself liberated! coaching package

Private and comprehensive support that focuses directly on implementing the changes you need, without the fluffy stuff.

love yourself liberated! group coaching program

Community support mixed with on-demand resources. So you have all the right tools, at just the right time.

free! Hypnosis Download to let go of negative thoughts

Sit down and relax somewhere that no one will bother you, and get yourself to a clearer state of mind!

Hi, I’m Linda Sanderville.

…the Liberated Self Love Coach. 

 I help high powered, highly stressed female leaders to shed over-responsibility and lay down life-giving boundaries, so they can finally put themselves first and create lives that truly reflect self love bliss, every-single-day.

If you’re wondering how I know what you’re going through so well, it’s because I’ve been there. Multiple times, in fact. As a first gen American born woman raised in a household and community with high expectations and high competition, I know a thing or two about stress, burnout and self-neglect.

  My parents sacrificed so much of their time, their health and even their happiness to make life work in a new land, as West African immigrants. They taught me to work hard, but they didn’t know how to teach me boundaries or being gentle with myself, because they did not have that to give.  

I learned to be an achiever, which honestly has gained me a lot of success in life. But it came attached with a cost. 

  Love Yourself Liberated! was specifically built to get lasting results for high-demand female leaders like you, providing accessible and easy-to-use techniques that bring a high level of stress relief and the ability to navigate your personal and professional relationships with greater confidence.

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