Love Yourself Liberated! Group Coaching Program

The secret weapon for high-powered career women under stress, who are ready to reclaim time and energy for themselves, and stop burning out from rescuing everyone else!

Don't settle! Get coached by a clinically trained, holistic provider

Who takes an integrative approach to meeting your unique needs and helping you redesign your lifestyle. Benefit from the best of positive psychology, subconscious reprogramming, action-oriented goal setting, assertive communication and grounding techniques.

Because Burnout Is Expensive, Especially When...

You need a couple glasses of the best wine in the evening to give yourself half a chance of getting to sleep at night, and numbing away the worries of the day. Including worries about mysterious body aches and pains that you don't have the energy to investigate or resolve.

You stay in therapy year over year, without seeing much progress,  to help you silently cope with all the after effects of 1) the times you need to but still aren’t saying no, 
2) how you still don’t really trust yourself or your decisions, and 
3) the lingering fear that your real life could never match up with your true values of rest, pleasure and ease.

It takes going on two, three, four, or more, top of the line vacations and luxury retreats every year so you can get away from all the draining demands of work and family that have yet to rein themselves in. And yet, all these short-term adventures only somewhat help you to tolerate your maxed out life.

The level of dissatisfaction and tension in your relationships is slowly creeping up. You're too tired to rekindle the romance with your partner, leaving you feeling insecure and less desirable. And your patience easily wears thin with your kids. So you feel disappointed in yourself and disconnected from your true potential as a grounded, present mom.

Listen: You have been taking on way more than one woman is meant to handle. But you also have the control over what comes next!

 The solution to the overwhelm of your too-tight schedule, unused gym membership, chronic fatigue and missed family events does exist. And the possibilities that stem from taking these first steps are greater than you can possibly imagine.  

When you gain the right tools and information, you will put them to good use, just like you do with everything else.  

Picture This!

Imagine recreating connection and romance with your partner, because you’ve learned to balance setting clear expectations and an openness to receiving the best, from someone who supports your aspirations!

Imagine prioritizing time for your goals and desires, and finally having the capacity to write that book, take up painting, meet with that personal trainer or attend more high-energy networking events! 

Imagine setting limits that might inconvenience others, without getting tripped up by guilt or over-responsibility, because you fully know and believe all the reasons it will be better for you. And for them!

Imagine the peace of no longer needing to outshine or outperform everyone else in the room, because you are 100% certain of your value, and can communicate this easily when securing that promotion or new role!

Hi, I’m Linda Sanderville.

…the Liberated Self Love Coach. 

 I help high powered, highly stressed women on demanding career paths to shed over-responsibility and lay down life-giving boundaries, so they can finally put themselves first and create lives that truly reflect self love bliss, every-single-day.

If you’re wondering how I know what you’re going through so well, it’s because I’ve been there. Multiple times, in fact. As a first gen American born woman raised in a household and community with high expectations and high competition, I know a thing or two about stress, burnout and self-neglect.

  My parents were such hard-workers, sacrificing so much of their time, their health and even their happiness to make life work in a new land, as West African immigrants. They taught me to work hard, but they didn’t know how to teach me boundaries or being gentle with myself, because they did not have that to give.  

Life was a matter of survival and always reaching for the next goal. There wasn’t a ton of celebrating when a win would come, because the goalpost was always moving ahead. I learned to be an achiever, which honestly has gained me a lot of success in life. But it came attached with a cost. 


Are exactly what it takes to redesign your new life. And that’s what sets apart the Rested & Protected Formula.

Love Yourself Liberated! acknowledges that you face pressures everyday that are outside of your control, and gives you:

Unshakable Stress Relief in Just One Week: Learn and implement highly effective and proven stress relief techniques within the first week! You won’t have to wait for the peace you desperately seek. Use these tools to quickly gain mastery over sensations of worry and overwhelm. 

Loving Romantic Relationships with Deeper Intimacy: Investing in self-love will enhance your romantic relationship as you feel more confident and emotionally available. This deeper intimacy will result in fewer arguments, and greatly decreased stress for you during normal periods of conflict. Your partner will notice your positive changes and want to keep up! They’ll also feel more loved and even more attracted to you.

Confidence to Set Boundaries and Prioritize Self-Care: Learn to set healthy boundaries and prioritize self-care without guilt or hesitation. Shed the struggle with neglecting your own needs and step into a life where you can confidently make yourself a priority.

Transformational Shifts in Mindset and Emotional Well-Being: Create a serene, relaxed state of mind that supports your emotional well-being. Develop a kinder relationship with all aspects of yourself, to gain greater self-compassion and ease in the way you see yourself and interact with others. 

Improved Energy and Vitality for Your Day to Day Life: Recharge your mind and body, unlocking newfound energy to conquer your daily challenges. Find support for improving sleep quality and making regular headaches a thing of the past. Practice gentle movements and yoga flows to stretch and to strengthen. 

Empowered Growth and Personal Development: With self-love as your foundation, you'll have the courage to take on new challenges and opportunities. Setting healthy boundaries will empower you to grow personally and professionally, seizing exciting chances for learning and advancement. All while impressing your boss and coworkers!

 This immersive online program is here to empower you on your journey to protecting the time you need for yourself, staying calm and secure in the face of challenges, and using your energy for the people and the goals you desire.

  Love Yourself Liberated! was specifically built to get lasting results for high-demand career women like you, providing accessible and easy-to-use techniques that bring a high level of stress relief and the ability to navigate your personal and professional relationships with greater confidence.

Program Overview

  1. Self love habits and feel good routines: Get clarity on your own unique self love habits, learn how to implement them easily and feel empowered to get back to your goals even when life (inevitably) happens.
  2. Stress management and neutralizing microaggressions: Knowledge truly is power when it comes to managing your stress! Get all the tools that I teach in 1:1 sessions with my clients so that are never left without options to calm the stress monsters quickly. Also access mind-body resources to master microaggressions before they master you.
  3. Power of feminine energy and receiving: Giving isn’t always better than receiving, and here we will explore the overlooked gift of letting in the good. You will understand how it hurts both you and others when you aren’t receiving, how to correct that, and what else you gain in the process.
  4. Wholesome boundaries that create freedom: Your “Yes” and your “No” should keep you whole. You’ll learn how to do that here, along with developing the mindset of why, so that are free to be authentic with your boundary lines. Oh, and you’ll gain access to a simple script for confidently handling conflict conversations. Never wonder what to say or how to say it again.
  5. Inner fear work to release self-doubt and difficulty making decisions: Fear is often our greatest enemy, and it is likely creating a huge barrier right now between you and the life that you desperately want. Experience a new way to identify your actual fears (this is one that we, as women often get wrong) and how to befriend your fears so that you can overcome limiting beliefs, once and for all.
  6. Finding good enough in your roles and responsibilities: Understand the true costs of perfectionism and how to prevent the damaging effects of uncontrolled shame. Explore how to reparent yourself so that “good enough” becomes safe, familiar and accepted in your spirit and body. You’ll also understand how to bring out the best in others so that your needs are more effectively met, even as you become more accepting and compassionate.

It's a simple-to-use, meet-you-where-you’re-at and go-at-your-own-pace online program.

You will own the knowledge to be a self love champion in your own right, and be on the path to feeling great.

What you'll get inside the program:

Premium Workbooks and Exercises: Includes printable and fillable electronic worksheets and journaling prompts to deepen your one-of-a-kind self-love journey, and maintain your progress.

Supported Implementation Project: Because you don’t have time to waste, we will spend the 2nd half of the program focusing exclusively on the changes needed in your lifestyle, holding you accountable and helping you to live like a queen.

Exclusive Community: Access to a private community where you can connect, share experiences, form accountability partnerships and to participate in regular self-love challenges. 

Transformative Hypnosis Tracks: Tap into the power of your subconscious mind to release negative patterns and embrace self-empowerment. These recordings will fast-track your results, in a way that will blow your mind.

Engaging Teaching Videos: Gain the insight to develop a holistic self-love skill set and learn how to integrate those skills seamlessly into your daily routines, your mindset and your relationships.

Extended Access and Subscription Option: We are giving you 4 months access to the course content and calls! You can also purchase a low cost subscription after your initial LYL! period to retain access to the full program.

But I also want to give you some extra special BONUSES!

Secure Your Time For Self Care!

No more stressing over how to fit in more time for yourself. No matter how busy you are, this guide will help you protect the self care routines that help you feel not only human, but like a vibrant women again!

The EFT Masterclass Series for Reclaiming Your Joy

This bonus Masterclass Series will teach you how to utilize Emotional Freedom Technique to let go of stress, anxiety, and limiting beliefs, while fostering emotional balance and unshakable confidence.

Yoga Sessions for Stress Relief & Nourishing the Nervous System

These rejuvenating yoga flows will support you in being able to unwind, de-stress, and reconnect with your body through calming and revitalizing yoga sessions. No sweating required! We focus on supporting your nervous system, and creating mental and emotional ease.

Group Q&A Sessions

Focused sessions on specific topic areas that support creating liberated time through radical self love, and where participants can bring their questions on particular subject matter areas for additional encouragement and support. 3x per month.

Program Investment

 This high-touch 4-month group coaching program is priced at $2,250.00 (or $515 monthly payment plan).

As a special offer, enroll in LYL! by December 31st to unlock a private Success Onboarding call with the founder, Linda Sanderville!

Apply today to lock in this special offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Handle your business! We get it – life is hectic. That's why our immersive program is designed with busy women in mind. You can access the teaching videos, yoga sessions, core belief makeover tracks, and replays of live Q&A sessions at your convenience, fitting them into your schedule without added stress. And you can add on extended access all of these powerful but bite-sized materials for future use. Each section of the course will take about 1- 2 hours to complete, spread out over the week. Group Q&A calls last for 75 mins, 3x a month.

You may decide to spend more time with certain lessons, such as doing a restorative yoga routine twice in the same week, or reviewing a replay from a live session, and this would increase your time investment. It’s very flexible to what you need.

You will have access to a new section of the Love Yourself Liberated! course each week, starting with immediate access to the first sections (Introduction and Module One). As for everything else, you will have full, unrestricted access, including your reflection journal, your bonus Restorative Yoga course and your EFT Tapping course! You can also begin to participate inside the community from Day One.

I feel you. I just had another baby last year, so I can relate to the time pressures and changes many of you experience.

You can select ongoing access to all on-demand course materials! And the community will be there for you to participate in for the 16 weeks you are enrolled. So you can stay on the weekly schedule in order to get results as quickly as possible. But please be responsive to yourself and take your time at any stage that you need to!  

I hold 3 live coaching calls each month through Zoom, and there is a community chat feature where you can post questions on areas that you are currently working on or feeling stuck. Teaching content on the calls focuses on the holistic care you are looking to give yourself, spotlight coaching to gently draw out your internal protectors and create new alliances that defeat self-sabotage, and connecting your current action steps with the legacy you desire to leave behind you. Purchasing the program gives you 4 months of access to this program benefit, with an affordable subscription option available to continue, after that initial period has expired.

So take full advantage of the group coaching calls each month, which will bring you loads of value, and allow you to connect with me directly. 

Great question! Some research suggests that a moderate minority of people are not hypnotizable- potentially around 15- 25%. This means most people can be, but you won’t know for sure if you haven’t tried it.

I, for one, would rate as a “low-hypnotizable” individual, and yet I have gained priceless, life-changing shifts in my mindset, all from hypnosis! Keeping this in mind, I truly believe that you will gain so much from the core belief makeover portions of the program, as well as the other resources, making it worth the investment for you, regardless.

 Plus! Hypnosis tracks can also function as very calming guided meditations. This means you are likely to still receive a significant relaxation effect that allows the positive suggestions to sink into your mind as desired, even if you end up being in that minority of hard-to-hypnotize individuals, like me. 

Absolutely! The focus is not on yoga asanas (movements) that require a great deal of strength or flexibility. You won’t even need high endurance.

In this self love space we are really just about the feel-good and you can follow my prompts for alternative options, whenever you need them. 

Our program is built on proven self-love practices and transformative processes that have totally changed the lives of countless women. You'll experience reduced stress, enhanced self-compassion, empowered boundaries, and a bounce-back-10x-as-fast kind of mindset! Because our methods are much deeper than surface level, and include plenty of support, you will see significant changes at a faster pace than going it alone. And with the option to add extended access, you can revisit the content whenever you need a boost.

Love Yourself Liberated! is truly different. Our program is specifically tailored to address the unique experiences of women who lead busy and demanding lives, and to affect deep, lasting change for you. And we are also committed to providing a safe and inclusive space for the emotional healing and growth of black women and women of color.  

We provide a holistic approach that combines multiple practices, giving you a well-rounded toolkit to address different aspects of your well-being. The combination of personalized strategy sessions, comprehensive teaching videos, community interaction, and powerful subconscious reprogramming, offers diverse and effective ways to redesign your lifestyle in the ways you desperately need. 

We understand that investing in yourself can feel uncomfortable, but this is a short-term deposit for a long-term payoff in your well-being and happiness, which also directly affects all those in relationship with you! Our program offers practical lifestyle and mindset makeover solutions that can and will positively impact every aspect of your life, from career to health to romance.  Plus, we have a variety of payment options and even offer a money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

If you find that Love Yourself Liberated! doesn't meet your expectations, we'll gladly refund 100% of your investment in the first 30 days, no questions asked.

You can also rest assured that my commitment to you as a professional is to deliver a high-quality experience that you will reap the benefits of for years to come. As long as you commit to letting the holistic interventions and research backed practices work on you, you will be successful.