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Hey you, big-hearted healer!  

I see you.

I see how intuitive, how insightful you are. I see the powerful results you deliver and your impact on those lucky enough to work with you. And I see how it's wearing you out.



We've all made the mistake of devaluing our emotional labor, along with minimizing the effects of trauma and oppression on the difficulties we face in our practices. And, honestly, we've struggled not to project wounds from our past into the business of our present.



What if things could be different, and you could have everything you needed for serving others with confidence, while also creating wealth, broadening your social impact and loving your life?


I was once standing where you are today, and I have something to show you...


I’m here to show you just how good your business can feel.

It takes doing the inner work and the outer work to make this life-changing switch, and my Resilient Healer Society program has you covered!


Inside this 1:1 coaching program , I offer both the strategy to scale your business from a place of authenticity and what feels good to you, as well as the deep mindset transformation to sustain what you create.

I'm Linda Sanderville, and I help remarkable

coaches, therapists and healers, like you, to (1) break away from the mental conditioning of trauma and oppression that limits your creative power and (2) realign your business growth and impact plan around your business pleasure zone!

When clients come to me, they're usually feeling...

  • Overwhelmed

    Whether you feel flooded with ideas or have no idea where to start, imposter syndrome has you wondering if anyone will even pay attention to you, anyway. You're not sure if your harsh internal critic is due to internalized oppressive ideologies, the echo of an unsupportive figure from your past or even your own voice, and you certainly haven't figured out how to turn down the volume on that critic for good.

  • Frustrated

    You aren't clear on whether your lack of results is because of the difference in privilege or perspective between you and your last business coach. And despite your efforts to attract the clients or the lifestyle you desire, all those manifestation strategies and positive thinking journal prompts are just not cutting it. Are you destined to be locked into the practice you've got, with no way out?

  • Like Giving Up

    You don't know who to ask for help or who can be trusted, so you revert to your old patterns of doing it all on your own. This leads to swinging between overwhelm in your schedule or feeling defeated from internal stories and external pressures. Most days, it simply feels too risky to hope that things could get, and stay, really good.

This is where I come in.

We all want to experience the confidence and satisfaction that come from using our gifts to transform others,

while staying in alignment and embracing our whole selves.

What if you could have complete confidence in your  ability to experience abundance as an authentic business owner, and do it with ease?

  • What's been missing?

    That intersection where your vision and your greatest fears meet? It’s so natural to want to run away rather than face it head on. Not to mention, pursuing “positive vibes” and manifestation can feel like the easier way out. But failure to peel away these fear layers only reinforces your powerlessness in the long run. 

  • What makes the Resilient Healer Society different?

    I help you unearth how trauma, long-held insecurities and the wounds of oppression are creating problems for your business, and then show you how to move through it successfully to smash your goals anyway!

  • How do I do this with you?

    That’s the beauty of working with a clinically-trained coach! I serve you with powerful methods of transformation, so you can embody your resilience brilliance as an extraordinary heart-centered entrepreneur.You will thrive despite the larger context of intersectional bias in our society, or the challenges that lie closer to home, and create a new narrative that works for you, instead of against you (morning, noon and night!).

That's what I help you achieve.

As a Business Resilience Coach, I help you to: 

  • Stop unintentionally projecting your trauma into your business

    Learn to evaluate unhelpful patterns that say less about you and more about the source of your harsh inner critic, so these beliefs and coping behaviors are no longer standing in your way

  • Think bigger than your problems- Every. Single. Time.

    Gain skills to identify multiple solutions to every setback you encounter

  • Develop a taste for bold, imperfect action

     Turn that anxiety into excitement as you face decision points head on, finding fun (yes, fun!) in the midst of the unknown

  • Master your mindset to lead yourself well

    Experience how mindset, not strategy, makes the greatest difference for you in winning at the art of business

  • Receive all the goodness available to you

    Quiet the haters, both inside and out, and deepen your willingness to receive the gifts and opportunities surrounding you all day long

    Meet Your New Secret Weapon

    Hi, I'm LINDA.

    I've learned so much on this business creation journey, resilient friends.

    Connecting deeply to my own personal narrative and expanding my ability to receive has impacted my work 10x over.


    I'm excited to help healers like you to drastically shorten the learning curve towards authentic success,

    with ease!

    • I loooove to travel

      Pre-baby, I went somewhere new every year, usually outside of the U.S. My favorite spot to date? Turkey! Amazing food, beautiful beaches, incredibly generous and warm people.

    • I love tea almost as much

      If you can believe it, I developed a caffeine allergy in grad school (I attribute much of my survival those days to countless Starbucks chai lattes), so it's all herbal and rooibos for me:)

    • I'm kinda nuts about vegan donuts

      Not my best trait, but not giving that up anytime soon. And, no, I'm not interested in judging you for your food choices, either- who has time for that?!

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