Self Love Skills

The inside job that gets you external results. You’ve been ready for a change. Discover it here!

Do any of these limiting beliefs sound familiar?

Giving yourself the bare minimum isn't cutting it

You’ve always been a naturally intuitive and soulful woman

 Spirituality matters so much to you but your day to day grind barely reflects that anymore  

You struggle with even recognizing yourself after all these years of giving yourself away for other people, and the burn out is all you have to show for it  

Friends and family know you as the one they can come to when they need someone to lean on in the worst of times, but they only know the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your own personal pain  

Losing yourself in your work has moved you up the promotion ladder, and yet you feel emptier and more stressed than you ever anticipated  

The constant pressure of everyday life is starting to show up in disrupted sleep, unexplained aches and pains and an overall struggle to take care of yourself the way that you know you should

You don't have to commit to the struggle!

No one wins from your silent suffering (least of all you).

In fact, your partner, your kids, friends, colleagues would all be better off from knowing the true you- the version of yourself that still exists somewhere deep inside, and would shine so bright if you let it out that no one would know what hit them!

When you find it easy to practice self-love, your presence naturally demands respect, and the funkiness that has been trending in your relationships can finally be reset, as you start expecting better.

Reawakening to self-love leads to confidence which leads to greater openness to receiving from others, which leads to getting your needs met and finally flourishing.

When you step up and take responsibility for your health and happiness, you leave a legacy for the next generation to love themselves and live within this abundant space, as well.

The "SELF LOVE SKILLS" course acknowledges that you face pressures everyday that are outside of your control, and helps you to:

1. Have easy access to the process of emotional and spiritual transformation for when you don’t necessarily need a therapist (or already have one!)

2. Learn a straightforward path for calming down your anxious mind and body so that you can immediately begin to experience greater inner peace.

3. Quiet down your inner critic and have a level of clarity, boldness and motivation to take action in ways that you might not have felt in a long time.

4. Create more breathing room for yourself by holding firm to the boundaries you need across all of your relationships.

The Hypnosis Downloads inside SELF LOVE SKILLS  provide subconscious reprogramming for:

1. Deep, Restful Sleep- so you can function day to day with a clearer mind and set the stage for achieving the goals that matter to you

2. Healthy and Intuitive Eating Habits- enabling you to crave nutritious, health-sustaining foods and to enjoy moving your body in the way that serves you best

3. Being in Your Feminine Energy and Open to Receiving- stop pushing away the good things that you long for and start to say “yes!”

4. Finding your Powerful Voice- rather than making yourself smaller, clearly express your needs and have greater influence!

5. Reconciling Inner Conflict- communicate with your inner parts in such a way that you stop self-sabotage in its tracks

6. Embracing Good Enough- finally get a handle on perfectionism by drawing on a powerful ally in your ancestral line

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where we will address your most pressing barrier to self love!

Course Curriculum

Linda Sanderville

I’m Linda, a Registered Yoga Teacher and therapist who has been getting incredible results for my clients and wanted to make some of the most powerful elements of my method available to a lot more women than I could ever reach one to one.

As a wife, mother of two boys, business owner and daughter living far away from home, I get that any investment of your time has to be reasonable and worth it! That’s why I’ve put only the best and essential elements into this course- I know you are going to love it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Handle your business! Each section of the course will take about 1- 2hours to complete, spread out over the week.

You may decide to spend more time with certain lessons, such as doing a restorative yoga routine twice in the same week, and this would increase your time investment. It’s very flexible to what you need.

Purchasing the course today locks in your low rate before doors officially open. 
You will have access to the 2 early release meditations right away, while the rest of the course sections will release each week, starting on March 7th. 

I feel you. I just had a baby last year, so I can relate to the time pressures and changes many of you experience.

You will have lifetime access to this course! So you can stay on the weekly schedule in order to get results as quickly as possible. But please be responsive to yourself and ake your time at any stage that you need to!  

At this time I do not have any scheduled live classes available,  in part, to keep the cost of thee course accessible to as many as possible.

However, feel free to send a message through to support to let me know if that resource would be of interest to you!

Absolutely! The focus is not on yoga asanas (movements) that require a great deal of strength or flexibility. You won’t even need high endurance.

In this self love space we are really just about the feel-good and following my prompts for alternative options, whenever you need them. 

Great question! Some research suggests that a moderate minority of people are not hypnotizable- potentially around 25%. This means most people can be, but you won’t know for sure if you haven’t tried it. Keeping this in mind, you might decide that you will benefit so much from the other aspects of the course that is worth the investment for you regardless.

Hypnosis tracks also function as a very calming guided meditation, so you are likely to still receive a significant relaxation effect, should you end up being in that minority. 

Yes, you are welcome here! I will give clear instructions along with the videos for any yoga positions that you may need to adjust in order to be more comfortable. 

Due to the nature of this being a digital product, all sales are final. You can rest assured that my commitment to you as a professional is to deliver a high-quality experience that you will reap the benefits of for years to come.

As long as you commit to letting the yoga, hypnotherapy and research backed practices work on you, you will be pleased.